I Am Beautiful

I don’t know my beauty by looking in a mirror 
I know I am beautiful,
because I know you formed my soul

And the soul you put in place to care for me,
And I to care for him,
tells me I am 

I am beautiful and strong,
because I strive to love

To love broken people,
because the truth is we are all broken

And I know the love that comes back to me 
is your way of telling me 
I am beautiful to you


You and Me

All night, you and me
Let’s run away
Let’s finally feel free

Free from responsibility
To live crazy for once
To reach for our dreams

Let’s drive, until we hit sea
Just you and me
Just you and me

Away from Reality

Drown me in sleep tonight,
While reality slows with each small breath.

Let me dream of whit and might,
I have so deeply longed to possess.

Cloth me in light to beckon eyes,
And allow me the attention I yearn.

Bring me to forget my demise,
Breath in me life in turn.

Let love hold me in its arms,
And tell me everything will be alright.

Then wake me up with grace and charm,
Let my eyes open with you in sight.

Sunrise Inside

Golden beams trickle slowly
through clear walls
Delicately touching darkness
in empty, quiet halls

A hush of serenity
never breaking
Untouched beginnings
awaiting awakening

Hidden in shadows
brought out in illumination
Remnants of earth
flowing in and out of fiction

The cold touch of glass
but the warm feel of sun
The beauty
of what is to become


Feeling down
Down to earth
There’s one thing that is wrong
You see people for what they’re worth
You see the terror if they were gone

So go
Go where you need to
And someday I will follow along
For our separation is part of the curse
But we’ll come through it better and strong

My Sleeping Song

Sing to me a sleeping song
With the sound of the whispering wind,
blowing through the summer trees

Sing to me a song so sweet
No voice on earth could compare to it,
No sound could even come close

Sing to me a sleeping song
More beautiful than the first spring rain
dancing across the pavement

So when you paint the deep blue sky
And tell the moon to take its rightful place
Let the cricks sing above the noise,
When stars are too many to count
And the fireflies light the trees

Sing to me my sleeping song
To drift me off to sleep